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Saddle Creek Logistics Services

(May 2002 - April 2013)

Senior Systems Analyst - Data Integration

(August 2010 - April 2013)

  • Continue all duties of Systems Analyst - Data Integration
  • Architect and implement installation of Extol Business Integrator
    • Work with consultants to re-engineer existing set of one-off EDI solutions into a comprehensive EDI package that can be easily deployed and maintained by the EDI staff
    • Reconstruct existing SQL procedures and other custom code to work with Extol Business Integrator
    • Train Extol consultants and staff in the needs of a 3PL business and how it differs from their usual customers needs
  • Provide System Testing and Upgrade Support for all major corporate software upgrades and conversions
  • Provide peer training, both on new technologies and for existing technologies for new associates
  • Projects outside of primary job scope include:
    • Architect new Data Integration Business Processes to better compartmentalize the Data Integration system so that fewer custom integrations are required
    • Design new PDF Attachment Auto Print Process to allow emailed .pdf files to be printed to a printer specified in the file name
    • EasyView Crystal Reports Viewer implementation to replace older report automation application
  • Applications developed include:
    • Inventory Management System for a unique customer opportunity
    • User Codes Management System to move requirements for hardcoded value conversions into a easily manageable system of externally held data

Systems Analyst - Data Integration

(August 2007 - August 2010)

  • Work with customers and vendors to design solutions for B2B and B2C data integration
    • Transports: AS2, eMail, FTP and Disk
    • Documents: X12, UCS, XML, User Defined and CSV
  • Work with internal departments to design solutions for A2A data integration using MS SQL stored procedures, AutoMate, DTS, SSIS and MicroStategy NarrowCast
  • Design custom software or integration solutions to enhance functionality of deployed applications
  • Conceive and implement automation solutions to enhance end user productivity
  • Prepare training manuals, functional documentation and process documentation
  • Projects outside of primary job scope include:
    • Assist Marketing Department with Corporate Website to facilitate their more involved needs and requirements
    • Architect a Web application framework utilizing MS Single Sign-on and .NET Roles to allow for rapid development and roll out of small helper applications across multiple departments and core systems.
  • Applications developed include:
    • Error Log Management System to allow the Data Integration team to acknowledge and manage bulk error log messages so that none were overlooked
    • HR Department's internal web site using SharePoint Services 2.0
    • Hyper-Text application to archive and purge captured EDI documents and log files
    • Project Documentation and Status Management System for the IS Department's Project Manager
    • Web application to track a customer's RMA business

Technical Analyst - Business Continuity

(August 2004 - August 2007)

  • Implemented and managed Off-Site Recovery Data Center
  • Designed and managed the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery systems
  • Maintained and operated the Corporate Data Center
  • Wrote custom business software and databases using Crystal Reports, Visual InterDev, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS FrontPage
  • Responsible for equipment purchase quotes and maintenance of vendor relationships
  • Performed high level Business Impact Analysis to identify key issues and risk factors
  • Projects outside of job scope include:
    • Servers Alive software solution to actively monitor corporate IT infrastructure, computer systems and services
    • KVM/IP solution to remotely manage off site hardware and servers
    • IS Department's internal web site using SharePoint Services 2.0
    • ActiveKB knowledge base solution for IS Department
    • Company wide monitoring of all core UPS equipment, Data Center backup generator and primary CRAC unit
    • Open source thin client solution allowing the re-use of PCs that were beyond their end-of-life
  • Applications developed include:
    • Web application to track Network subnet assignments for all of the facilities
    • Web application to manage fixed IP addresses and track data about the equipment assigned
    • eForms to be used internally to ensure the capture of all necessary information from users and administrators during problem solving

Technical Analyst - RF Systems and User Support

(May 2002 - August 2004)

  • Maintained RF terminals and all RF equipment
  • Maintained and operated the IT infrastructure and servers for the Macon, Villa Rica and Atlanta facilities
  • Responsible for equipment purchase quotes and maintenance of vendor relationships
  • Responsible for the relocation of the company office and all IT infrastructure to a different facility
  • Managed local interactions with a major client including remote printing, VPN, EDI
  • Maintained and resolved equipment lease agreements and obsolete equipment sell offs
  • Applications developed include:
    • Web application to track RF equipment repairs, shipping information and current status
    • Web application to manage excess inventory of IT equipment so other facilities could requisition it
    • IS department corporate intranet site and sub-webs