Omega Tower Design Partners

  • ComTelnet: Server's Alive add-on to allow the interrogation of telnet session screens (VB Windows application)
  • Concise Logically Organized Data: A usage agnostic method to describe a dataset.
  • HTA Offline Editor: Application built for Health Testing Associates that allowed for the editing of transmitted health data files using a prototype version of xml as the file format (VB Windows application)
  • Out To Lunch: Application to randomly select one of the pre-supplied diners (AutoHotkey Windows application)
  • Palmvert: Measurement conversion application for the Palm Pilot (Palm application)
  • PARFAIT API: A web API that provides resources for concise weather data or RSS feed data to be imported or consumed when the raw XML formatted file is larger than allowed to be imported and processed by the recipient, when the recipient can't handle XML, or when the recipient wants some simple data already processed out. (PHP web application)
  • Snarky Contacts: Personal address book (PHP web application and MySQL DB)
  • Snarky Cat: Web based home collection catalog solution capable of importing catalog data directly from the Library of Congress (PHP web application and MySQL DB)
  • Text File Schema Definition: A method to accurately describe text file data.
  • TimeCard-O-Matic: Web application to calculate take home pay based on hours worked (Java Script application)
  • Toolbox Resources: A collection of resources that can be used for the testing or training of web API integration software by internet developers and users. (PHP web resources)
  • Visual Decimal To Fraction: application to show the relationship between a decimal value and the nearest English measurement fractions (Liberty BASIC Windows application)
  • Weather API: A web API provides resources to retrieve and format the current observations weather data provided by The National Weather Service. The format of the response can either be a nearly display ready string for an application or it can be a simple HTML web page or table. (PHP web application)
  • WebVert: Web application measurement conversion (Java Script application)

Barrett Distribution Centers

  • CRC32 Checksum Calculator: An application that takes a command line parameter text string and calculates it's CRC32 check sum. (VB Script application)
  • Cloud Conversions Sales Force API Connector: File processing system to send and receive data between Barrett's WMS and the API, implementing OAuth and JSON/XML conversions in both directions. (VB Script application)
  • File Activity Monitors: Applications to generate trouble tickets if there are any B2B data integration files found that haven't been processed within the defined time period. (VB Script application)
  • Integration Documents: Application used to track all of the B2B data integrations that have been setup between Barrett Distribution, our clients and their trading partners. (MS Access, MS SQL Server and MS Sharepoint)
  • EDI File Parser: Application that reads X12 and EDIFACT EDI files and based on the direction, sender, receiver and message type. It then indexes the file and sends copies of the file to other processes for further communications. (VB Script application)
  • X12 File Indexer: Application that reads X12 EDI files and based on the direction, sender, receiver and message type archives the file accordingly. (VB Script application)

mindwrap, inc

  • Bulk File Processing System: File processing system for a major client that monitored network file shares to automatically import the files and identify key data which was then inserted with the document into the archive in the Optix system (VB6 application)

Saddle Creek Corporation

  • Bulk Order and Subscription System: Order management system for customers with extremely large numbers of orders of subscribed items (B2B data communications and MS SQL DB design only)
  • Event Notices: Web forms to be used internally to ensure the capture of all necessary information from users and administrators during problem solving (VB web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • Excess Inventory: Web application to advertise spare equipment that was available to other corporate entities (VB web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • Inventory Management System for a unique customer opportunity (B2B data communications, VB.NET web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • Kepgar: Application to archive and purge captured EDI documents and log files (Hyper-Text application and MS SQL DB design)
  • Net Assign: Web application to keep track of how IP Subnets are assigned across the corporate network (VB web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • Net Data: Web application to track all relevant information about servers and networked devices (VB web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • Ops Intranet: Dozens of mini-web applications to augment COTS software used throughout the corporation (VB web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • Projects Express: Project documentation and status management system for the IS Department's Project Management Office (VB.NET web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • RF Service Tracker: Web application to manage the status and repair logs of RF equipment (VB web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • RMA Tracker: Web application to track a customer's RMA business (B2B data communications, VB.NET web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • Smiley Screen: Error log management system to allow the Data Integration team to acknowledge and manage bulk error log messages so that none were overlooked (VB.NET web application and MS SQL DB design)
  • User Codes: System to move requirements for hard coded value conversions into a easily manageable system of externally held data (VB.NET web application and MS SQL DB design)