Omega Tower Design Partners

(June 1999 - Present)

Omega Tower Design Partners create custom designed and executed projects for our clients.

  • Provide full internet services and websites for individuals
  • Provide full internet services and websites for organizations
    • refuse4research (5/2008-Present)
    • American Philosophy (2/2010-3/2015)
    • The Buffalo Bills Backers of Lakeland (9/2008-1/2010)
    • Civil American (12/2010-7/2011)
    • The God Debates (1/2010-3/2015)
    • The Journal of Value Inquiry (1/2006-6/2013)
    • Mindful Paths For Us (8/2014-3/2015)
    • Pragmatism Cybrary (10/2002-3/2015)
    • The Secular Academy (5/2014-3/2015)
    • The Tuesday Music Club of Lakeland (7/2008-2/2016)
    • Varieties of Naturalism (2/2006-3/2015)
  • Web Applications
  • Windows Desktop Applications
    • ComTelnet: Server’s Alive add-on to allow the interrogation of telnet session screens.
    • HTA Offline Editor: Application that allowed for the editing of transmitted health data files using a prototype version of xml as the file format.
    • Out2Lunch: Application to randomly select a diner from a user defined list.
    • Visual Dec2Frac: Application to show the relationship between a decimal value and the nearest English measurement fractions.