Barrett Distribution Centers

Senior EDI Analyst
(May 2014 - Present)

  • Work with customers and vendors to design solutions for B2B and B2C data integration
    • Transports: AS2, eMail, FTP and Disk
    • Documents: X12, UCS, XML, JSON, XLS, XLSX, User Defined and CSV
  • Design custom software or integration solutions to enhance functionality of deployed applications
  • Prepare functional documentation and process documentation
  • Subject Matter Expert for X12 and EDIFACT EDI data transactions
  • Subject Matter Expert for Extol Business Integrator software
  • Subject Matter Expert for HelpSystems AutoMate software
  • Provide peer training, both on new technologies and for existing technologies for new associates
  • Applications developed include:
    • Custom API integration solution to connect to Sales Force application and convert between JSON and XML file formats
    • Application to archive and sort X12 EDI documents according to the ISA Sender and Receiver IDs and Transaction Set